About us


Being part of Tiriac Group, Tiriac Property Services was established in 2012, with the purpose of offering Facility & Property Management consultancy and services. Tiriac Property Services is currently performing its activity through a strategic network of regional offices and manages more than 80 properties in different fields of activity, amounting to approximately 500,000 square meters.

Tiriac Property Services approach consists in choosing the most effective economic formula to ensure the success of each single project. All the specific details for the residential areas, offices, retail or mixed areas are taken into consideration, all of this in order to suggest creative ways and options to provide greater value to your business.

In order to administer the properties, state of art technologies and informatics services are used, focusing on an exhaustive network of communications with the residents/consumers, in order to optimize the information flow and to obtain a high degree of satisfaction of the clients.
We take upon ourselves to provide all the health and safety necessary standards and to comply with all the valid legal provisions. Thus, we offer our clients the confidence and liberty to focus their efforts exclusively for the development of their own business.

Our approach is based on two principles that ensure the protection of our clients’ assets value:
  • We support our clients by reducing costs and through added value concerning the work space.
  • We optimize the efficiency and the longevity of the buildings, equipment or factories.
Tiriac Property Services is in line with the environmental liability standards by using ecologic products and sustainable use of the resources, aiming at maximizing the energy consumption and implementing an efficient waste management – approach that comes down to lowering costs.

Our team of professionals provides the highest work standards according to the field policies and the Romanian legislation. Also compared to the key managing positions, qualified assistants, supervisors, technicians and workers are employed and trained in order to perform their activity according to the particularities of each project.