Property management

Through Property Management services we provide a single contact  between the owner, on one hand, and tenants, authorities or suppliers on the other hand. The daily management of a property is achieved efficiently and responsibly, using an extended range of specific services for this segment such as:
  • Administrative and Operational Management;
  • Tenant Management;
  • Cost control;
  • Technical and operational audit when taking over the equipment and systems for maintenance purposes;
  • Representing building owners in relation to insurance companies, real estate agencies, utility suppliers, service companies, equipment companies, construction or finishes companies, depending on the needs of the managed property;
  • Identifying suppliers, selecting offers, negotiating costs and concluding service contracts;
  • Monitoring the performance of technical maintenance services of installations, systems and related equipment;
  • Monitoring the repair works of the construction/property and completing the construction log book;
  • Monitoring report on the construction’s behavior in operation;
  • Monitoring report on construction, equipment, facilities during the warranty period (warranties granted by contractors, subcontractors, equipment suppliers, service providers).

Facility management

Facility management appeared out of the companies’ need to have a partner that can offer integrated services, oriented towards rationalizing and optimizing the maintenance costs. The activities mentioned below allow an efficient monitoring of the properties:
  • Preventive maintenance (periodic checks and scheduled works);
  • Corrective maintenance;
  • Execution of the preventive maintenance plan and assessments on the state of installations and systems;
  • Monitoring the execution of the specialized service plan;
  • Verifying the functionality of all systems of installations and equipment;
  • Verifying facades, basements, indoor systematization, terraces and roofs;
  • Specialized periodic service and inspection;
  • Green space maintenance and landscaping services;
  • Cleaning and related services;
  • Security and safety;
  • Catering services.

Support services

Correctly identifying and managing the client’s needs is a service that generates a plus of value for any business.
  • Customer Support;
  • Concierge Services;
  • Reception Services;
  • Warehousing;
  • Full-service courier;
  • Property management;
  • Contract management;
  • Service management;
  • Car fleet management;
  • Consultancy for all the support services.

Special services

Labor security together with organizational security, with all the aspects involved, represent services that Tiriac Property Services manages efficiently through certified specialists.
  • Checking fire extinguishers, indoor hydrants;
  • Repairing and checking outdoor hydrants;
  • Monitoring the operation of fire prevention pumping station;
  • Permits for emergencies;
  • Checking fire prevention water tanks and fire point equipment;
  • RSVTI operator monitoring equipment such as: lifts, heating systems, safety valves, expansion tanks.

Construction consultancy

We provide assistance throughout the entire development of a civil or industrial engineering project. Starting from the stage of the feasibility study until the handover, we are there for the beneficiaries providing specialty consultancy according to the valid laws, such as:
  • Engineering according to beneficiary’s requirements;
  • General contracting (new construction, complete rehabilitation, fit works of any kind);
  • Budget planning;
  • Operationalization of costs, supplies and work flow;
  • Quality management;
  • Site management;
  • Fit-out works;
  • Works on demand.

Energy and environmental management

The concern for the environment is reflected in the care with which we deal with the responsible management of the resources and environmental laws enforcement.
  • Obtaining the operating permits of technical or utility installations and equipment (ISCIR-elevator services, heating systems, ANRE tr.n. Regulatory Authority for Energy-gas and electric, IGSU tr.n. Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations-operating permit);
  • Stoker with temporary activity;
  • Complete waste management and material recycling projects and solutions;
  • Washing and disinfecting waste collection containers;
  • Organizing waste collection containers in collection points, in specially designated areas;
  • Assessment of household waste.

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